About Neq3Host

Neq3Host has been restarted in January 2016 with providing high quality service for free, and later in March have they introduce Neq3Premium* again. Up to today, we have achieved this with great success.

Thousands of clients had overgrown their businesses/websites in no time and wanted an advanced and professional solution to continue forward and so we introduced the state-of-the-art Premium* brand, known as Neq3 Premium*. This allowed our webmasters to reach their full potential providing them with far more capabilities on blazing fast servers.

Not only that, we now offer much more than this, including our high quality Reseller Hosting solutions, We offer also Master Reseller Hosting solutions, Domain names as well as SSL Certificates.

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Neq's Hosting Team

Neq3Host have many employees working around the company. Our team is very friendly and are able to help you anytime, we like you to meet them.

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Why Neq3Host?

Unparalleled quality that attracts new customers.

Neq3Host offers super fast hosting on the servers. We currently have 8 Data Centers in the world that we maintain.

TWe have our servers in different countries where you can choose and the most beautiful thing is that it's all running on SSD.

All our servers are distributed in America and Europe. You can choose from - America (Los Angels and New York) - Europe - Germany, Luxembourg and France.

LiteSpeed Powered Servers for blazing fast websites and a trutly 99,9% Uptime each month!

All of our web hosting packages come with LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is up to 9 times faster than Apache (standard web server setup). LiteSpeed fully supports everything that Apache uses such as .htaccess and mod_rewrite so if your website loads quickly on an Apache server it will be even faster on our servers!

Our 99,9% Uptime that’s less than 5 minutes of downtime per month! We will credit your account back if you experience any connectivity problems, subject to terms detailed in our network uptime service level agreement(SLA).

Need help? Contact our support team

Neq3Host Team is 24x7 available for any queries that you have and we will always answered your submitted tickets that you are sending to us. Unlike as other hosting companies who leaves it open and never respond is Neq3Host never like that and it never will be.