About Us

Neq3Host Premium* - Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourg)

What We Do

Neq3Host started back in 2016 with an aim to provide a variety of web hosting services. Our main aim was to provide absolutely free hosting to clients who cannot yet afford to purchase hosting and to provide them with a chance to learn about the industry and most importantly to give them a helping hand to start their own business online. Upto today, we have achieved this with great success.

Thousands of clients had overgrown their businesses/websites in no time and wanted an advanced and professional solution to continue forward and so we introduced the state-of-the-art Premium* brand, known as Neq3 Premium*. This allowed our webmasters to reach their full potential providing them with far more capabilities on blazing fast servers.

Not only that, we now offer much more than this, including our high quality Reseller Hosting solutions, We offer also Master Reseller Hosting solutions, Domain names as well as SSL Certificates.

Neq3Host was offering free Shared and Reseller hosting in the past but due the inactive accounts and no activity found have we decided to stop offering free hosting and focus us only on premium hosting where we still got daily new signups and orders from.


The offical name of the company was started as neq3.com, later the being changed to neq3hosting.com and in 2013 have we released Neq3Premium*, this introduced us "The State-of-the-art Premium* brand" to offer paid Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers. Its still a success with our premium hosting. Our hosting rates become to a reward of 9.9 SuperB hosting.

Is it really cheap?

Yes! Our shared hosting solutions are cheap forever. The one and only requirement is that you keep it active to prevent cancellation of your account. Of course, your site also has to fulfil our TOS.

    Root SA (Lëtzebuerg)

    Root S.A, LU (root S.A.): Root, Luxembourg was selected for protecting customer privacy. It is an excellent location for freedom of speech content. Freedom of speech is protected in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) with minimal limitations.

    Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) has being ranked since 2008 as one of the lowest limitation on the network from the world and Root S.A provide us a huge freedom. Your data like full name, address, company is secured and protected under multiple laws in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg).

    Currently, there is no DMCA takedown enforcement in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg).

    Was does "There is no DMCA takedown enforcement in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)" mean? The DMCA takedown enforcement is not in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) so if a complaint got placed by you and its hosted on the Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg) server can we not suspend the user for the usage he doing at our LUX network.

  • Hassle-cheap hosting
  • Any time support
  • Risk free service

  • 24x7 Dedicated Support Team

    We provide quality 24/7 Ticket, Email, Hangouts or Skype support for all clients on any plan for free.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!

    Our servers are fully of 'Quality' and 'Power'. They will never dissapoint to with out 99,9% guarantee!

  • Money Back Guaranteed!

    We are so cinfident you will like our servuce si we provide a 14 day FULL money back guarantee.

Whats Included

  • Fast and Reliable Servers
  • Instant Account Activation
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • 24/7 Quality Support

User Reviews

"One of my best founded webhost. Couldn't happier!"

Lynn Warken

"My site was setup within 1 hour which was much quicket than I expected."

Jane hopper

"What a great hosting. The LU server is on SSD. Can't to upgrade!"

Nino Daphnes