Cookie Policy

Neq3Premium* uses cookies to enhance your user experience as well as perform several functions such as logging into the system.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny packets of information that your browser such as chrome, firefox or Internet Explorer stores which allows our web server to read the information later on to perform certain actions. Cookies are used by most websites in the online world as it helps to identify your interests and for tracking certain information

How we use them?

- Log you into essential systems such as the billing area i.e auto logins
- Track where you came from i.e referrals, google etc
- Third party cookies may be used by third party applications such as google analytics. No personal data is sent in any way, shape or form.

How do i manage cookies?

You can accept or disallow cookies to be stored using browser settings. Use the 'Help' menu on your browser to learn more. NOTE: Some parts of our website may not work to the required standard if cookies are disabled.

If you have any questions about cookies, contact us at

Need help? Contact our support team

Neq3Host Team is 24x7 available for any queries that you have and we will always answered your submitted tickets that you are sending to us. Unlike as other hosting companies who leaves it open and never respond is Neq3Host never like that and it never will be.

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