cPanel Features

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MYSQL

Control Panel (cPanel) Features

cPanel : Linux control Panel

cPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform. Tedious tasks are replaced by web interfaces and API-based calls.

cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including admin, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These multiple levels provide security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user.

cPanel : Security - Software - Advanced

cPanel allows you to easily control every aspect of your website.. Email, Files, Statistics, Script Installation, Databases, Security and more. Things that could be complicated are made easy with C Panel The features inside the C Panel Control Panel automate processes that many users must do manually with some hosting services. So no waiting on your host you have a lot more control.. This interface offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities that come with your account.

cPanel : Email - Metrics

You can do tasks like edit, delete and move your files around with the online File Manager. Manage your FTP accounts, sessions and privileges, keep your data secure by configuring and downloading daily backups.

cPanel : Databases - Domains - Files

cPanel allow you to create your own email accounts, manage their space, passwords, set forwarders and aliases, filters, auto responders. The Webmail feature means you can view your email from anywhere through a browser, whilst the SpamAssasin and filters will help you in controlling unwanted messages.

  • 24x7 Dedicated Support Team

    We provide quality 24/7 Ticket, Email, Hangouts or Skype support for all clients on any plan for free.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!

    Our servers are fully of 'Quality' and 'Power'. They will never dissapoint to with out 99,9% guarantee!

  • Money Back Guaranteed!

    We are so cinfident you will like our servuce si we provide a 14 day FULL money back guarantee.

Whats Included

  • Fast and Reliable Servers
  • Instant Account Activation
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • 24/7 Quality Support

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