Refund Policy.

All payments are non-refundable to the client (unless covered by 14 days money back guarantee). This includes start-up costs and monthly fees or use less attention. All invoicing must be reported within 14 days of the time the dispute occurred. Disputed charges to your credit card company, also known as recoveries in Neq3host at Toshiba's sole discretion, which is valid under the terms of our SLA, AUP and TOS, will result in a service interruption, and reconnection fees for the service you want to recover.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the services we provide and support, server uptime and performance that come with all the packages included. Each package including -> Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller and PureVPN a standard refund system run for 14 days. If there is a request within 14 days to cancel the paid service can be met without a problem and the money is paid back in 3 Work Day (From Monday to Friday).

To request a reimbursement, you must open a ticket in the Billing Department section. One of our staff will review your ticket and judge. If this application is made on the weekend you will doubtlessly receive a response to your request, but the payment is only paid back on a week day.

Neq3 Hosts VPS, Dedicated Servers and Domain Names. The customer explained guarantee and that if an individual client is at least 18 years or older. If this does not apply to be paid a VPS, Dedicated and Domain or supervised by someone who is 18 or older. This is required to keep safe the money from the customer. One side is a legal entity, corporation with limited liability, estimated spouse or other legal entity and with a good reputation, as application and must accept all legal authority and power and synthesis conditions. Feather and represents warrants that all customer information is correctly filled in so false name and / or abuse name under another company name, address and other personal information, you must fill in correctly.

Notes for VPS, Dedicated and Domain.

Our money back guarantee does not apply to a purchase of a Domain, VPS or Dedicated servers. Once the payment is completed, we can not deactivate VPS, Dedicated or Domain names service that is paid and the money cannot be paid back. So think carefully before you buy any of these products.

With regard to the case of fraud or unauthorized payment can not be canceled Policy refund unless proven by the data.

Accounts terminated due to abuse (such as spam and phishing, stolen software like WHMCS, vBulletin etc.) as this against our ToS / AUP violate conditions we reserve the right to terminate your account without informing you. We can not send back the refund to the customer.

In the event that there is no connection to the website, Neq3Host will credit the monthly service fee for the service.

If you can make a connection with our server it is possible that a connection error occurred while entering Neq3Host's domain. If you are a connection via another IP may be that your IP is blocked for a reason. You can send us an email via so we can look for you.

Need help? Contact our support team

Neq3Host Team is 24x7 available for any queries that you have and we will always answered your submitted tickets that you are sending to us. Unlike as other hosting companies who leaves it open and never respond is Neq3Host never like that and it never will be.