Terms Of Services

A. Introduction

Clients and prospective clients (referred to as “Clients”) who obtain our services should review this document and let Neq3Host (referred to as “Company”) know if any items require clarification prior to obtaining services. All services, products, licenses, free or paid for, provided by Company are referred to as “Services”. By obtaining Services, Clients agree to follow these rules, known as our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Services (sometimes these are separate documents abbreviated as AUP and TOS, for Client ease and for Company to communicate this information easier, these have been combined and will be referred to as “Terms”).


B. Client Expectations

1. Clients will maintain backups of their data so that backups can be provided to Company (support department) for restoration if data is lost or corrupted from where Services are delivered. Clients understand backups are their responsibility to maintain and can contact Company’s support for assistance if unsure as to how to maintain backups. Client understands that data loss, corruption, hardware failures, network issues, and acts of God are beyond the control of Company. Client agrees to hold Company harmless for any data loss or impact arising from such an event.

2. A secure website prevents Client downtime, data loss, and business impact. Clients will secure their website and not running scripts that are known to be vulnerable. Clients can contact Company’s support for assistance if desired.


C. Prohibited Activities

1. All activities Client conducts on Company Services must comply with US law, international law, and laws in which Client is required to adhere to.

2. SPAM / Unsolicited Emails. In 2018, everyone knows this is wrong, illegal, etcetera.

3. Company does not allow Clients to utilize Services for illegal activities. Company is required to comply with laws and law enforcement. Client privacy will be protected and preserved unless disclosure is required by law.

4. Client will not utilize Services in a manner that will provoke Company’s service and Company’s clients to be attacked or experience service interruption.

5. Mining Activities, torrenting, using Services for network, disk I/O, and resource intensive activities are allowed, but not on shared environments. These activities require resources that on a shared environment will disrupt neighboring Client Services. Resource intensive applications can be ran upon Dedicated Servers. Clients are requested to check with company prior to running such activities for approval and/or recommendation. It is the Company’s goal to provide Clients with Solutions that will meet business requirements and Client expectations.

6. Prohibited activities will be suspended or terminated. Client permits Company to use Company’s discretion to determine whether an activity is acceptable or prohibited, allowed, or requires intervention, including potential suspension or termination. Clients using Company Services in prohibited manners are not eligible for refunds.


D. Refund Policy

1. Client understands that Company will make a genuine best effort to resolve any issues that Client brings to Company’s attention in a manner that will satisfy Client needs and expectations.

2. Prohibited activities (addressed above) are not eligible for refunds.

3. Shared Hosting Services are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of initial release of Services. Refund requests must be made through Company’s ticketing system.

4. Reseller Hosting Services are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of initial release of Services. Refund requests must be made through Company’s ticketing system.

5. Dedicated Servers are not eligible for refunds due to actual costs involved and spent by Company in order to provision Services for Client. Clients are therefore expected to adequately determine their requirements prior to ordering -- or recommended to speak with Company staff in order to analyze Client needs and suggest a Service solution that will meet requirements. A Client of a Dedicated Server Service is suggested to notify Company if solution is not meeting Client needs, Company will always work with Client to analyze options and help Client make the most appropriate situational decision.

6. Software Licenses are not eligible for refunds due to actual costs involved and spent by Company in order to obtain or activate Software License Services. Software Licenses are obtained through third-party developers and companies on behalf of the Client, taking advantage of Company’s negotiated pricing. In the event Client obtains a Software License which does not meet their requirements, Client is suggested to contact Company for advisement of available options. It is Company’s intent to help Client achieve the best possible outcome.

7. Add-On Services vary substantially between Services that Company offers. To receive a refund on an Add-On Service, Client should contact Company staff and refund (or pro-rated refund) will be provided if possible.

8. Promotional offers are exempt from refunds due to the heavily discounted pricing that is being given. Promotional offers are provided periodically, in limited quantities, in limited configurations. Buyers of promotional offerings understand discounted pricing effectively covers provisioning costs and refunds therefore are not given on promotional offerings and specials.

9. Domain Registration Services are not eligible for refunds due to actual costs involved and spent by Company in order to obtain Domain Services on behalf of the Client. Nonetheless, Client is advised to notify Company in the event an undesired Domain Service is ordered so that assistance can be rendered.


E. Other

1. Company reserves the right to update these Terms at their discretion. Client understands that Terms may be revised and is aware of the importance to review Terms periodically.

2. We are happy to address any questions about our Terms. Please contact us at support@neq3host.com with your inquiry.

3. Owner Contact Info: Attn: Sebastian Muller, 505 W 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


We thank you for taking the time to review and understand our Service Terms!

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